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Title: Time will answer
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Length - Words: Drabble - 309 Words
Disclaimer: I don't own Satoshi and Kazu. But they own each other :D
Summary: One day Nino decided to let Ohno go from his life, and it hurts those two.

Author's notes: 1. this is a birthday fic for my dearest, amazing, and artistic friend [info]keiblackcat_13 . Otanjoubi omedetounyyaan~x3 *wish this doesn't disappoint you XDD*
2. This is for my lovely huney [info]iloveohmiya *and for the alien pleasee let her gooo~*...don't be sad anymore huneeeey~I miss you so badly ;A;
3. Thanks for the beta reader-->Nino's first wife (IT'S SECRET!XD) because she wanted to help me XD
4. Actually most of this story was written by Kei herself XD I only give her some angst words and voila~she wrote it for me..I only add the beginning and end part XD
5. okaaayyy it's already 5!! Enjoy it everyone X) /ruunnnsss


It’s time who’ll change us, and it’s also the time who’ll separate us.

Nino stood blankly in front of his apartment’s door. He didn’t know what he should do from now on. It’s only a week since he left. Left from his old apartment, and from his life. It was hurt, but it was his decision to leave him. So, why should he felt this miserable when the one who should feel this way is the another man. He opened the door and entered the room, felt so empty and dull. There was no happiness at all inside his apartment. He sat on his couch, closed his eyes and put his left arm over his eyes, sighed heavily. He still remembered clearly that night when he decided to leave the one whom he loved so much.


Nino stared at Ohno’s face. He stroked the chubby cheeks gently and carefully. It’s like touching a fragile thing that can be broke into some pieces at anytime. Nino was hurt, he knew that, but Ohno was also hurt.

Nothing will change if we’re keep being like this,” Nino said, and Ohno looked at Nino’s eyes, begging.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed, and he pulled Ohno towards him for a hug, giving himself a last touch of the person he loved the most, before everything is over.

Don’t say goodbye,” Ohno mumbled at Nino’s neck softly, while he’s trying to regain his breaths from crying.

Then I’ll say take care,” and Nino then let Ohno go and kissed him on the lips gently for the last time. Went towards the door, leaving Ohno alone, broken.


Nino needed Ohno so badly. He missed Ohno and it’s so fucking hurts. He didn’t know whether he should go back to Ohno or not.

In the end, it’s the time who’ll answer all of it.

comments are always welcome ^^
hope you enjoy it XD


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