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Welcome to my starry world。。。

Irasshaimase~~ welcome to my starry world
★☆ My name is Dita..I'm just an ordinary girl who loves Arashi..
★☆ My ichiban is Ohno Satoshi ♥♥♥
★☆ My OTP is OhMiya SK ♥♥♥♥
★☆ By seeing my favorite couple, i guess you know who my niban is..XDD

I love blue and yellow..
I love drawing *but maybe my drawing is not good* and i love sleeping!!
★☆ Nowadays i become addicted to know, coffee is so delicious :9

"Feel free to add me.." I won't bite you xD
but I won't add random if you want me to add you back, just leave a comment in this post *it's easy, deshou? :D*
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Title     : Ohno, Nino and a Sweet Potato
Rating  : PG
Pairing  : Ohmiya
Genre   : Romance, Fluff
Word count : 341 words
Disclaimer : Ohno and Nino aren't mine. But Ohno is Nino's and Nino is Ohno's :)
Summary  : Nino doesn't want to give Ohno the sweet potato.
Note  : I'm back with my second ohmiya fic xD.Wait. This isn't fic, but it's a drabble. It's such a fail drabble. Inspired from Kotori-san's fanart *arigatou gozaimasu :)*. and special thanks to [info]iloveohmiya . I love you so much Jessa

(“I WANT TO EAT IT TOO!” Ohno tries to take the other half of sweet potato from Nino’s hands, but he pushes Ohno away from himself) )
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Title: Time will answer
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Length - Words: Drabble - 309 Words
Disclaimer: I don't own Satoshi and Kazu. But they own each other :D
Summary: One day Nino decided to let Ohno go from his life, and it hurts those two.

Author's notes: 1. this is a birthday fic for my dearest, amazing, and artistic friend [info]keiblackcat_13 . Otanjoubi omedetounyyaan~x3 *wish this doesn't disappoint you XDD*
2. This is for my lovely huney [info]iloveohmiya *and for the alien pleasee let her gooo~*...don't be sad anymore huneeeey~I miss you so badly ;A;
3. Thanks for the beta reader-->Nino's first wife (IT'S SECRET!XD) because she wanted to help me XD
4. Actually most of this story was written by Kei herself XD I only give her some angst words and voila~she wrote it for me..I only add the beginning and end part XD
5. okaaayyy it's already 5!! Enjoy it everyone X) /ruunnnsss


(In the end, it's the time who'll answer all of it) )

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Title: When..
Author: [info]runatochii 
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: romance, (little) angst
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t own them
Summary: When Ohno read a letter from his love
1. big thank you for my beta reader [info]fey_37   *give Ohmiya cookies*...forgive me for the summary ^^"
2. X-posted from my LJ


When I was happy, you were always being happy for me.  )


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